About Us

Burnt Timber Multimedia offers a wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of many of todays’ industries. Our solutions put control into your hands virtually eliminating the need for periodic updates, and small content changes to be done by an out-source Web Designer. With our solutions you are at the helm of your own ship.

homeOur Goal is to keep your traffic at your website so people are not being needlessly directed off your site and ensuring that the only information your
users are seeing is information that you want them to see. Your site will run faster and much more efficiently as well as maintaining the look, feel and, functionality that you want to your user to experience.

At Burnt Timber Multimedia we believe a truly successful internet venture needs to be up to date, professional, and most importantly, useful. We would rather see our clients spend more time, money and resources on building their business than paying us to do updates for them, which is why we have implemented these tools and techniques to eliminate the need for us post launch, not to say we won’t be here because we back our products and services 110% and are always available for support and assistance.

When it comes to the services we provide, Burnt Timber Multimedia has spent the time where many others haven’t – in utilizing the most efficient strategies for the most exquisite product and fastest turnaround. Plus, we are fairly certain that you will pay less with us. Contact us today to see if we can provide the service that you are looking for.

We love what we do and our love for it is shown in what we create and the services that we provide. We also understand the importance of communication, so we make every effort to keep you as informed as possible from the initial consultation right through to providing you with the follow up or reference materials that come with every service we provide. Another thing we do a little differently as our competitors is that we will not take on more projects than we are capable of working on, to ensure that your site will be completed and deployed as quickly as possible, thus ensuring that we will give your site all the attention it deserves and completing it in the time frame agreed upon.