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This page has been put together to provide you with a clearer overview of the specific services we provide and the service and payment policies we employ. Note that these policies – as well as anything else we provide direct links to – can be accessed via forthcoming and public-facing links from any page within our website. Through this page we also aim to pre-answer some of the most common questions that people have. Typically a PDF version of this page as it appears at the time of your project commencement will be provided to you via email for your permanent record and so that you can refer back to it “as it appeared” on that day, thus eliminating any possibility of the modification of content herein after the fact. Please note that not all of these policies apply to all projects as some projects do not involve certain items listed herein.

1. General Policies

  • We operate with integrity and transparency at all times. If you have a question or if something is not clear, please ask.
  • We require payment of estimate or invoice in full prior to commencing work.
  • Estimates are usually within +/- 10%.
  • We have a “no questions asked” policy when it comes to billing. If you feel that we have charged too much (or too little!) for anything, simply let us know and we will adjust accordingly – no questions asked!**
  • .com domain name reimbursement is not subject to GST.
  • .ca domain name reimbursement IS subject to GST.
  • A detailed overview of your project requirements will result in a better estimate.
  • Unless otherwise discussed, a proper pre-estimate will be provided by email when ready.
  • An industry-leading project management system is employed to track all projects.
  • Date, time and hours/minutes accumulated are recorded for each session worked.
  • A refund or a credit on account (your choice) will be provided upon completion (if under estimate).
  • No more than 10% over estimate will be charged upon completion (if estimate is exceeded) unless discussed previously at an appropriate interval prior to completion.
  • If you already have a domain name, the charge for configuration only (to work with our hosting) is $13 +GST.
  • Requests made and completed outside of the scope of the project to which the estimate applies will be billed at $100 per hour + GST.
  • If applicable, a series of brief screencast tutorial videos are provided to you upon completion of your project, allowing you to learn very quickly how to perform procedures such as, but not limited to logging in and maintaining your website as well as how to use your website to post to social media, etc.
  • Our preferred method for payment is INTERAC e-Transfer, however, other options are available. The email address, security question and answer to the security question will be provided to you for the INTERAC e-Transfer.
  • While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained herein is both current and accurate, occasionally adjustments may be made to better clarify certain items or to add information about new service offerings or to remove information about service offerings that are no longer available.

2. Website and Logo Development

(For non-website, logo and/or social media-related projects, please feel free to skip to section 3.)

When it comes to website and logo development, the cost is fairly consistent from one project to the next, with prices falling under 3 categories: flat rate/one time, flat rate/annual and variable rate/one time. The following table outlines the typical cost of a website, including logo development and all of the features listed below.

Basic Website, Logo, Social Media Cost Scenario

The following is an example of what a basic cost scenario would look like, just to give you an idea. Your estimate and/or invoice will differ from the following example.

Product/Service Price Type
Domain Name Registration Service $13 flat rate/one time
Domain Name Registration Reimbursement (avg.)* $14 flat rate/annual
Website Hosting, Email & Foundation Configuration $150 flat rate/one time
Website Hosting (avg.) $60 flat rate/annual
Logo / Look / Brand Development (avg.)* $115 variable rate/one time
Website Development (avg.)* $500 variable rate/one time
Social Media Setup, Customization & Integration $100 flat rate/one time
Sub Total (approx.) $952
Tax (approx.) $47
Total (approx.) $999

NOTE: Some numbers have been rounded to the nearest dollar for ease of calculation. * Price fluctuates depending on going rate for registration and actual development time.

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**Excludes anything of a fixed cost or expense, such as domain name reimbursement or flat rate items agreed to by way of agreement to the estimate.