Website and Logo Design

If there is one thing that we truly understand, it is the importance of a quality presence, whether it be online, or in person which is why we work with our clients to ensure that not only their website but their logo accurately portray their business. Branding is as crucial in business as reputation and quality which is why we make this one of our main priorities. Truly anyone can build a webpage using any of the free or fee based online services, however there is no match to a quality custom solution that fits your needs perfectly and is tailored to your unique situation, which is what we offer.

In addition to website and logo design we also offer the following services through only the most reputable 3rd party providers.

Domain Name Purchase

WSvLIGBWe utilize the services of GoDaddy to facilitate the registration, management and renewal of domain names, as in our opinion they offer the best overall customer service, flexibility and of course pricing on all domain names including the Canadian specific .ca extension. Visit GoDaddy today to find out if your domain is available. Once confirmed please Contact Us and we will guide you through the registration process or alternately we can complete it for you.

Website Hosting

lunarpagesFor your website hosting needs we offer the Web Hosting Packages offered by Lunarpages from the basic needs to a full e-commerce enabled website, their hosting packages will provide us with the tools we require to launch your website with all of the necessary features. We will determine which hosting account is necessary to provide you with the options your specific project may require, please Contact Us to discuss prior to purchasing and we can walk you through the process or again we are more than happy to set it up for you as well.